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Unsere Künstler und Sportler stehen stets im Rampenlicht. Unsere internationalen Events machen Schlagzeilen.

Wir berichten darüber aus erster Hand.


ASM und Spanischer Super Cup in Jeddah

Januar 2020

4 teams, a spectacular show, this was the scenario the Spanish Super Cup presented its new format for the very first time. ASM participated first hand with the most senior officials of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in order to celebrate a unique event showing Spanish football at its best.

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ASM unterstützt Andy Soucek beim 24-Stunden-Rennen in Spa

30. Juli 2018

Last weekend, the 70th edition of the 24 Hours of Spa was held, the highlight of the season and for Andy Soucek it has been the sixth consecutive participation in this prestigious race.

Therefore, a member of the ASM team, Hinnerk Fauteck has traveled there to live with Andy and his team Bentley the passion, motivation and dedication with all of them.

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